Follow filmmaker Elam Stoltzfus as he takes you on a journey through one of Earth’s great treasures; the Big Cypress Swamp, an ancient region of the Everglades.

Featuring  Clyde Butcher, Joe Browder, Nathaniel Reed, Franklin Adams  and Leroy Henehayo Osceola – Editor Ian Weir – Music Sammy Tedder - Consultant Michael Grunwald – Script Jane Atkins – Narration Peter Thomas

Hosted by Clyde Butcher

Produced and Directed by Elam Stoltzfus

A visual masterpiece that tells the story of Florida’s river of grass, highlighting people who share their passion for this wild place, seasons of scenery that pull you into the rhythm of the swamp, and a chorus of nature sounds scored into a symphony.

“From grand landscapes to the smallest insect..., Stoltzfus brings us into the Big Cypress Swamp – it’s like being there.”

  –  Stephen C. Wood, Ph.D.  University of Rhode Island

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the field. Delve into an inside look at Cinematographer, Elam Stoltzfus’ life in the field during production of Big Cypress Swamp: The Western Everglades!

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